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Treaty Proposal for Marine Plastic Pollution Assignment | Get Paper Help

The final treaty project should include:

1. A thoughtfully-worded treaty proposal, clearly outlining the intent of the treaty and how it will be administered and enforced. For my treaty, I’d be interested in making a proposal in regards to marine plastic pollution. The purpose of this treaty would be to help prevent plastics entering the ocean from sea and land based sources. Not only would it consider plastics entering the ocean, but chemicals as well which are within the plastics polluted in the oceans. Marine plastic pollution is harmful to fish, seabirds, and marine mammals. The impact that it has on all these different types of species is more than enough to make me want to work on a treaty proposal. An international agreement would be necessary to help reduce the pollution and improve waste management. I think it would be beneficial to form this treaty with China and Indonesia due to the fact that they are the top sources of plastics polluting the sea.


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