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Outsourcing Tech Support to India Assignment | Essay Help Services

In this option, you will focus your research and writing on a service type project with an international component.
Your assignment is as follows:
Imagine that you are writing a scholarly paper for consumption by a new undergraduate student in the project management program. In your paper, explain the following:
• Procurement documents – including contract information for key stakeholders and suppliers, and supplier lists.
• Tools and Techniques – including interviews, focus groups, decision-making, prototypes, benchmarking, or other tools and techniques.
• Procurement management – including make-or-buy analysis, market research, and source selection documents.
• Change Requests – including corrective action, preventive action, and defect repair.
• Change Control Board – including their role in the change control system.
• Validate Scope – including methods of accepting deliverables, group decision-making, work performance information, and inspection.
• Control Procurements – including contract change control, payment systems, and claims administration.
• Project Management Ethics – including PMI expectations.
• International Project Considerations – including use of human resources from outside the United States, or executing the project outside the United States.
Your well-written paper must meet the following requirements:
• 3-5 pages in length, not including cover, references page, and appendices.
• Supporting documents must appear in appendices.
• The paper must be supported by at least 4 quality sources, of which 2 must be current, scholarly resources. For this assignment, current, scholarly sources are peer reviewed journal articles published within the most recent 3 years and accessed from the library databases or other academic sources. Textbooks will not count toward peer reviewed requirements but may be used as quality sources if published within the most recent 3 years. The use of the PMBOK ® Guide as a quality source is strongly suggested. The PMBOK ® Guide is not a scholarly resource.
• Formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.).
• Be sure to properly organize your writing and include an introduction, headings / subheadings for the body of your work, analysis and recommendations, conclusion, and list of references Review the grading rubric, which can be accessed from the Course Information page. Reach out to your instructor if you have any questions about the assignment.


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