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Healthcare Sector Assignment | Get Paper Help

First, Understand and research. After you read on Institutional theory and the relevant data on the Saudi Arabian healthcare sector, then
1. Write about the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia
a. This is where you discuss the public versus private sector, how it is funded/who are the main clients in private sector and public, the challenges facing the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia (you will need to use national statistics and national reports to discuss this.
b.The general characteristics of the healthcare workers and then specifically the medical doctors (the hours they work, their origin (expats or locals), the pay levels, levels of hierarchy in medicine – eg: intern, resident, registrar, consultant are some of the ranks in UK)
c. The challenges the doctors face and why your study should focus on doctors? What is the rationale?

2. What are the key issues doctors (is it junior doctors or what level doctors?) face in Saudi Arabia? How does the healthcare context impact their wellbeing?


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