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Project Quality and Risk Management Assignment | Get Paper Help

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Produce two documents, (which will also be required in module 8), for this assignment.

The first is a Project Risk Management Document and the second a Project Quality Management Document.
You will need to study the required contents from your text and other research required from EBSCO or ProQuest.
The content you will use for creating procurement and costs for the project are what you have completed Project Libre for and all other work related to your chosen project.
Each should have a separate cover sheet naming the plan you are submitting but they can both be in a single document. Again, if after my review, you need to make changes do so and add the two documents to the final project document for week 8.

Writing Assignment Considerations:

Include a title page and reference page in APA style
Introduce your assignment
Use the three to five section titles and fill in the discussion and include personal experience/observation
Include a Summary of what you have covered aligning with the introduction

*Please use the attachments to understand what the project is. BC8 is the description of the project which is implementing an EIP plan for Growing Minds Academy and integrating a system to track performance.


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