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Annotated Bibliography of Sources Assignment | Get Paper Help

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Create an annotated bibliography of sources for your Portfolio Project (for whichever option, 1 or 2, that you selected to complete). Review the Writing Center’s site for Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.) and to see an example of an Annotated Bibliography. Follow the example for potential full credit.

Post your bibliography in the Portfolio Project thread on the Week 4 Discussion Board. Each source should be listed according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.).

You should have at least five sources, including at least one primary source and a scholarly journal article, to support your paper. You should fully cite all the sources (and/or images) in your draft bibliography in APA format. You may decide to strengthen the bibliography with additional primary sources, scholarly journals, and secondary sources, but the primary source and scholarly journal need to be included in your final draft.

This draft is intended to be a starting point for your paper.

For those completing Portfolio Project Option 1 (Essay): Include with your annotated bibliography a paragraph explaining where you found your sources, and any difficulties you continue to have with your project.

I am going to write about: Pocahontas and the challenge of Jamestown colony.

Option #1: A Notable Person: Biography in Essay
For the final Portfolio Project, option #1, write a paper about a person in a period of United States history from exploration to 1877, and explain a challenge the person faced, what that challenge was, and how the person did or did not overcome the challenge.

Do not write a complete biography of the person’s life.
Focus on a challenge faced by the person.
Describe the historical, social, governmental or personal circumstances of the challenge.
Explain how the person interacted with the challenge.
Did the person meet the challenge and succeed?
Did the challenge defeat the person?
Explain the resolution of the challenge. Was it resolved? Did it continue?
Does the challenge the person faced continue to challenge American society today? Explain how so or why the challenge no longer exists.
This paper must include a discussion of the following topics:

a thorough summary of the event including the incidents that took place and the key individuals involved;
the importance of the event in the scheme of U.S. history; and
the impact of the event, person, or time in U.S. History.
Simple examples of historical figures and their challenges (do not be limited by this list):

Christopher Columbus and the challenge of exploration
Pocahontas and the challenge of Jamestown colony
Phillis Wheatley and the challenge of being a small female in colonial America
Abigail Adams and the challenge of the Revolutionary War
Thomas Jefferson and the challenge of living in a slave society
Dolly Madison and the challenge of living with a President, James Madison, during a war
Andrew Jackson and the challenge of Indian removal
William T. Johnson and the challenge of being a free black in antebellum Mississippi
James K. Polk and the challenge of the Mexican War
James Tallmadge and the challenge of the Tallmadge Amendment
Charles Finney and the challenge of being president of Oberlin College
John Brown and the challenge of the Kansas-Nebraska Act
A Civil War soldier (North or South) and the challenge of the Civil War
A freedmen (male or female) and the of Reconstruction.
This Portfolio requires Portfolio Milestones that are due in the following weeks. (Go to each week’s folder for full details.)


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