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Hyperinflation Assignment | Online Assignment

Answer Question A and question B:

A. With specific reference to money growth/seignorage and use of the equations in the attached file called ‘’Class 9’’ (from slide 11 to 24), explain the process by which inflation becomes hyperinflation [max 500 words for this question]

B. How do hyperinflations end? Be specific in your description of the necessary policies and whether or not such policies may fail (and if so, what may cause them to fail). [max 600 words for this question].

Please also make references to the two articles on the last slide in the attached file ‘’Class 9’’. It’s an article from the Economist and one from Bloomberg. I’ll copy and paste them via a message or upload them to a separate Word document just in case you don’t have access to them since you have to have a subscription.

When referencing please include page number used.


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