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Case Study & Critical Reflection Assignment | Get Paper Help

Part 1:
The purpose of this assessment is to task is to:
Select the case study that is representative of your industry sector (or study stream).
Identify the key problem(s), disruption or opportunity;
Demonstrate the use of creativity and creative tools and methods to develop three possible
Select one possible solution with justification why the solution selected is the preferred one
Make recommendations to management on a change management stragtegy
Prepare an implementation plan with justification and reasoning why the selected implementation
plan is being recommended.
You will need to be able to demonstrate the end to end process, explaining each step and the
process undertaken to arrive the recommended solution and implementation plan. Your analysis
should consider theories, frameworks, tools and methods at each stage that contribute to effectively
delivering a solution to a problem disruption or realising an opportunity.
Length: 4,000 word (excluding references)

Part two:
In a written reflective essay of no more than 1000 words, discuss how creativity contributed to the
development of possible solutions. Also, discuss how you arrived at the justification of your preferred
Length: 1,000 words


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