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English Composition Assignment | Online Assignment

Your journal will be evaluated according to the following requirements:
Ideas and Content: How accurately and effectively you responded to
the entry. Your writing focused on the topic of the entry and is based
on the correct reading assignments in your texts; you effectively
engaged with the content of the reading assignments and composed
thoughtful original responses to each entry; when required, you cited
and documented secondary source material appropriately and
Organization: How well each entry is developed. All paragraphs begin
with an appropriate topic sentence and are developed fully by using
examples, illustration, and/or evidence; each entry meets the required
minimum length.
General Correctness: How well entries meet the expectations of
college-level academic writing in the areas of sentence structure,
grammar, word choice and spelling, and punctuation.
Format: How accurately you followed the prescribed format for the
journal by including the required header, entry title and date, and used
correct margins, font, and line spacing.


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