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Women Soldiers of the Civil War Assignment | Online Assignment

Required to use two PRIMARY resources. Write a term paper with a 1500 minimum word count in APA format. The topic and type of paper. The paper is expected to be written in the student’s own words with any direct quotes or
paraphrased points referenced appropriately. At least two references must be primary sources. Autobiographies, diaries, journals, memoirs, sketches or drawings are some examples of acceptable documents.

Websites for Primary Sources
Internet Archive*: https://archive.org/

Library of Congress: https://loc.gov/collections/

National Archives: https://www.archives.gov/

Project Gutenberg*: https://www.gutenberg.org/

*These websites may include secondary or tertiary sources as well. When looking at a source, consider the time period and author to determine whether or not it may be classified as primary.


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