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Please read through the newspaper story and respond to the following three tasks, drawing upon relevant theory to explain and justify your responses. Make sure you reference your ideas and adhere to the word limits. Please provide your response in a Word document with each task clearly labelled by number and/or heading. When you have completed your response upload this Word document to Turnitin – utilising the link in this exam folder. 1. Drawing on Ife’s “integrated CD framework”, explain how the community activities in the article represent a community development approach to change. 2. In the article, Saskatchewan Highways Minister Eldon Lautermilch says “a nude calendar won’t solve the problem”. Evaluate the calendar campaign and discuss whether you agree with the Minister and why. 3. Using examples, compare and contrast how a community development response might differ from another (non-CD) means of solving the road problems.SOSC2288_2020_FINAL EXAM RESOURCES


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