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Medical School Admission Essay Assignment | Get Paper Help


I have uploaded a document that tells you about myself. Please use all of the information I have provided and write my personal statement. The essay should include why I want to become a doctor, without using those words. My story needs to tell why I want to become a doctor, things I overcome, and how that motivated me. How I was able to OVERCOME the things I went through. The essay shouldn’t be a pity essay. The goal is not for the admission office to feel bad for me. The goal is for them to see how I overcome my struggles and how this will show even when I get to medical school, no matter what I will go through I will never gave up. It should also portray my passion for patients and my community. My love for people. I mentioned going to Ghana and interning and wanting to start my own nonprofit organization to help mothers and newborns. I was also a secretary for a child sexual assault organization.ESSAY NOTES(1)


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