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Universal Basic Income Assignment | Online Assignment


A convincing argument as to why a UBI policy should/should not be adopted in New York City. Final Output: 1. A 3 paged (typed, 12 pt. font) economic policy initiative paper, with one page dedicated to each of the specialisms described below. (1 typed page) Opening Argument: 1. Present three reasons that New York City specifically should/should not adopt a UBI program. 2. Present the details of your economic policy: what is the name of the program? What are three reasons for adopting/not adopting a UBI policy for New York City? How much money are you offering individuals? How often do individuals receive the check? How you will pay for this program? Where will you get the funding from? (1 page) Statistics and Data Presentation: 1. How does the data and statistics from other UBI policies around the world support your argument? 2. Address any potential criticism that you might face about the statistics and data surrounding UBI policies? (1 page) Closing Argument


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