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New Product Internationalisation Assignment | Online Assignment


For the article you write you choose/invent (1) a product and a home country, (2) which market your company wants to enter and (3) which mode of foreign market entry that would be the best in your situation. Since you need money to enter the market you ask the Dragons/investors to finance parts of it. The article you write should be 3 pages long (excl. references and front page) and you work by yourself, because of the current Coronavirus I do not want to encourage students to physical interactions. There are always reasons why companies choose one entry mode over another and your task is to discuss the mode of entry your company chooses (one over other ways) and why. In short: your article discusses a specific mode of entry (or more), why it is the preferable mode in the example that you give. In order to make this interesting you choose a company and a product that you represent (real or invented) and use as an example in your discussions. The goal is to convince the reader that your strategy for foreign market entry will be profitable for your company (profit can be short or long term, you decide which you seek and explain why). There are many options for a company, which considers investing in a foreign market. You write about one strategy, which will be the most profitable for your company. Notice that your company is domestic in one country and that this is the first internationalisation ever for the company. Base the article on the information from the seminar papers. Your article should look like an article from an academic journal (although shorter) and have a scientific approach (the articles you read for the seminars are good examples to look at). There should be an introduction to the question you will answer/problem you will solve, a short background and then a discussion or analysis that leads to a conclusion. These parts must be there, but you don’t have to use the specific terms they are called as headlines. It is your article and you decide what is up for discussion and how the layout should look. Remember though, that there must be a clear logic in your line of argument, it has to make sense and be economically sound. (The seminars papers mentioned will be attached with this application form so basically 4 resources are already included)Seminar-3 Seminar-2(1) Seminar-1 Seminar-2


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