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Description: The objective of this assignment is to conduct a discourse analysis of a text of the students’ choice by carrying out the following steps: 1- Students choose a text on their own (maximum 750 words / minimum 500 words). 2- They conduct a text analysis either: a. by following Halliday’s SFL by applying two of the three studied levels of SFL. b. or by applying the principles of speech acts theory with the strategies of politeness. TO FURTHER EXPLAIN HOW TO DO THE ANALYSIS: Students DO NOT have to address all the components of the two levels. a) The textual level includes cohesive tools & thematic analysis. b) The ideational level includes transitivity in addition to nominalization & passivation. c) The interpersonal level includes modality. For example: students who choose to approach the text on the textual & ideational levels can work on cohesive tools + transitivity, OR, do thematic analysis + nominalization and passivation. Others who combine the interpersonal with one of the other two levels can choose to work on mood+ cohesive tools only, OR, mood + thematic analysis only or mood+ transitivity analysis only. IMPORTANT NOTE: the focus of analysis as explained to you above must be stated as the last sentence in the introduction paragraph of the essay. 3- The essay introduction must include: a) The theoretical background of the method of analysis. Therefore, the students are advised to refer to reference books in the field. b) General background information on the text of analysis. 4- In the body paragraphs, it is advisable to use tables for the analysis followed by explanatory paragraphs. 5- In the conclusion of the essay, the analysis is concluded by an interpretation of the text 6- Suggested text types for A. are newspaper/magazine articles/ news reports. Suggested text types for B are movie scenes / play acts. Format: · The chosen text for analysis must be from 500 to 750 words and is attached to the assignment. · Essay format of a minimum of 5 paragraphs (introduction – body – conclusion). · Essay word count from 1000 to 1500. · Students are advised to divide the essay body into two parts: · Students are required to include a reference list using APA. IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE REFER TO THE FORMAT DOCUMENT ATTACHED FOR MORE DETAILS. Evaluation: Format: out of 10 Content: out of 25 Language: out of 10 Reference: out of 5discourse analysis(3)


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