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Part One Framing Research Project
What is the main research question the author is dealing with in his article?
What is the purpose of this article?  (In other words, why did the author think this study was important and relevant? For example, does the article address a gap in previous research? If so, how does it seek to fill the gap?) Explain your answer.
What research methods did the author use to gather information for their article? (For example, what sources of evidence and authority did they choose to look at; how did they obtain that information?)
What theoretical approach did the author use to provide a framework for their research and analysis? (Note that this is different than the research method – but it helps to shape the research method the author chooses.) 
Part II – Argument and Evidence
What is the thesis (main argument) of the article?
The author supports his main argument with a number of subsidiary arguments (or claims).  What are the main claims of the article that support the thesis? Provide (2) specific examples.
Part IIIApplication to Research (law and social change)
What does this article tell us about the ways in which law is being used in suspected terrorism cases?
Part IVLocating More Sources
 Locate 2 more peer-reviewed journal articles (using 2 different library databases) on the same topic (terrorism/national security and immigration/refugees).Article 1 Name of Database: Author of Article: Article Name:  Citation Information: (year) volume journal first page:Article 2 Name of Database: Author of Article: Article Name:  Citation Information: (year) volume journal first page:


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