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Death of a Hero and Existence of a Hero Assignment | Essay Help Services

Content: 45 (30.00%) – 50 (33.33333%)
Thesis statement is precise, interesting, and clearly stated; All body paragraphs in the essay clearly relate to and support the thesis; Excellent use of outside and textual support (reasons and evidence) for the thesis statement; support is relevant, reliable, and logical; Introduction is sufficiently developed, appropriate, and lively. Conclusion is sufficiently developed, appropriate, and lively.

Organization: Paragraphs are unified and coherent; Order of paragraphs is logical; Topic sentences are clear and precise; Combination of transition words & phrases

Style: Sentence structure is correct and varied. Sophisticated and concise word choice/ sentence structure; No use of 2nd person, 1st person, or contractions

MLA: MLA format is used correctly for all outside research; Paper is correctly formatted in MLA (Times New Roman, 12 point font, no extra spaces between paragraphs); Meets length requirement; All quotation marks are properly placed; Signal phrases are used to introduce quotes; signal phrases include the name and credentials of source Incorporated the required number of sources; Works Cited entries are correct; Works Cited page is formatted properly; More than the required number of sources are included in essay

Grammar, Punctuation And mechanics: No distracting errors exist in the area of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics for Standard American English.

 Your prewriting should consist of a typed ½ page proposal in which you clearly establish
1) what topic you’ve chosen; 2) why you’ve chosen it; and 3) at least two preliminary outside sources you’ve located that will lay the foundation for your essay. For this final requirement, please do not merely provide the name of a database, but rather offer a brief summary of your research thus far. (Example: “I found a great article written by a Professor at UCLA entitled ‘Why Hamlet Still Matters’ that was published in a recent issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, and a recent Vanity Fair interview with a Broadway director where she discusses Hamlet’s depression.”)
 Your paper should consist of 1) an introduction and thesis statement; 2) body paragraphs that present specific evidence from the text(s) at hand; and 3) a conclusion that summarizes your position and reasserts its merit.
 You must cite a minimum of three outside sources in your paper; be sure to have correct MLA citations and a corresponding works cited entry for each. Though you should cite any literary works you quote or reference from our course textbook, these do not fulfill the outside research requirement. You must find additional sources (literary criticism, author interviews, etc.) from Wor-Wic’s academic databases or .edu websites to bolster your analysis.
 This paper should be three pages in length and must strictly adhere to MLA Style in both formatting and citations.

Overview of Prompts
You may choose one prompt from the following options for this assignment. Each is designed to help you further explore literary elements and assert an original thesis.

 After reflecting on the plays we have read in this course, select the character that you find most fascinating. Compose a profile essay that answers the following question: “Who is this character, what is his/her true essence, and what are his/her most definitive traits?” Select the 3-4 most dominant characteristics your character possesses, and incorporate evidence of, or commentary on, each of these characteristics in your discussion.
 Pretend you are a Broadway director with an unlimited budget (I said pretend) and have the good fortune to stage one of the plays we have read in class. Write an essay in which you walk through each stage of your production, including casting, set design, A/V, costuming, and your ultimate thematic focus, being sure to illustrate how your choices will bring the text to life with vigor, integrity, and vision.
 Stage directions are often the most overlooked part of any script, yet they are indispensible for any serious actor who wants to do his/her character justice. Choose one of the assigned plays and analyze the role stage directions serve in helping us all—actors, directors, and audience members—gain a deeper understanding of its characters and their various motives, relationships, and conflicts.

Death of a Salesman

The Iceman Cometh




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