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5G Network Assignment | Online Assignment

What is the optimal scheme for rolling out 5G network in UAE healthcare sector to enable telemedicine and telesurgery practices?

for the sake of research, I have had the introduction and literature review written by other writers on this site. I have also developed the literature review map which serve as a base for the hypothesis in this section, I really don’t know what should goes in this section, so I uploaded my course class notes to make sure all required parts are covered. Also, I did a quick research online and found out that these are usually what included in methodology section:
1- Explain the methodological approach
2- Describe methods of data collection
3- Describe methods of analysis
4- Evaluate and justify methodological choices

So for now, I am kindly asking you to:
1- Review part one (introduction)
2- Review part two (literature review)
3- Read the literature review map
4- Read my class notes for guidance on the required sections of the methodology
5- Suggest a structure (to be approved before starting work)
6- Identify potential hypothesis (preferably based on literature review map else feel free to suggest any, minimum # hypothesis is 10)

So far, I have 27 references, feel free to utilize them or add new ones.


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