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Arts of China Assignment | Online Assignment

Arts of China final paper Requirements 

The Art work that I choose for this final paper is called “Wave of Materials” by Zhu Jinshi:

This piece is in LACMA exhibition the Allure ofMatter: Material Art from China.



You must include how your chosen installation or installation works from the LACMA exhibition adhere to the modular system.

You must write and respond to these questions: What is the Element? What is the Module? What is the Unit? What is the Series? Where is the Mass?

In addition, you must show some comparison or consideration with a historical material in your 4-5 pages paper by referring to one article or one chapter you have read and mentioning one example from that reading (see uploaded Reading1,2,3).

Cite these 3 readings in MLA style.

  • I also uploaded an MLA_Requirement.pdf and you must refer to it and write 100% correct in-text citations and “References” Page. Failure to use correct citations will fail me in the essay since my professor was extremely picky. After receiving your paper, I will check every in-text citation and make sure they are 100% correct. If you do not use correct citations, I may request a full refund. I don’t hope this to happen so please be responsible.

Hint: In order to analyze the work, you may need to use the internet to read a bit about the artist, including the artist’s background, view other projects, and understand preliminarily the context of the artist’s work and exhibition history. Where has the artist shown? What was the maker’s training? Where does the artist currently reside? How old is the artist? After spending some time reading about the artist, you may flip through the catalog at LACMA.

Paper and Written Format:

Typed in 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins on all sides. Page numbers on bottom right. Properly footnote any references or citations. You must include illustrations and numbered illustrations within your essay to refer to the works or art you are analyzing, identified in our prose as Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc. You should also indicate where you obtained the image, such as Lec 19, textbook, etc.



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