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University and College Essays Assignment | Online Assignment

Goal: One of the many goals of strategic planning is being able to effectively and efficiently use institutional
resources. For this assignment, students will demonstrate what they have learned over the quarter in a
VoiceThread presentation (using PPT) that will examine the budget for a particular organization or institution.
Assignment: For this assignment, you will research a specific institution or organization and provide an overview of
the budget and expenditures. You should isolate personnel v. non personnel (i.e. operating costs) and if there is
any historical data (i.e. how have things changed over time). Additionally, you will then examine this budget in
context with the proposed strategic plan and discuss additional resources that will be needed over the next 5
years. So as to have continuity with your learning ,it is encouraged that you complete this budget presentation
using the same institution or organization that you used in the first assignment.

use sources as needed and I have attached the first assignment


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