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Management Essay Assignment | Online Assignment

Company XYZ is an automobile multinational enterprise with its home country in the United States and a subsidiary location in China. Its China location manufactures exterior parts of its automobiles, including bonnets, guards, doors, bumpers, grills, mirrors, door handles, and all other exterior parts of their automobile brands. The company has developed a new model of automobile that is set to be released to the market in the year 2022. To meet this deadline, the company has designed the new model, and is sending one of its head managers in the home country location (United States) to serve as a manager in its host location in China for a year. The goal of sending one of its home country location manager is to ensure that the host location accurately follows the design of the exterior model, reduce any the percentage of errors in the manufacturing process, and teach managers in the host country location (China) some of its managerial tactics for achieving success.
For your paper in this course, you will take the place of a Human Resources Representative who will write a proposal to the upper management on how this home country location manager, as an expatriate going from the United States to China, can be adequately prepared for a one year stay in China. Make sure to consider cultural differences between the U.S. and China, both within the work environment and outside of the work environment, family issues that may lead to a failed expatriate assignment, and other information that the upper management must consider in order to adequately prepare this manager for his/her one year stay in China.

*Note: The hint to getting a high grade in this project is to integrate what you have learned from this course as much as possible and apply it to your response for this project. It would be even more beneficial to take notes and/or begin constructing your response as you go through each chapter for this course.


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