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Education of Freedom Assignment | Essay Help Services

In a 5-6-page paper, you will be required to do a reflection and analysis of three educational sites that are examples and/or non-examples of freedom. The paper should follow the general formatting of 11-12 pt font, double-spaced

Three different sites—Place, Media, Relationships/Communities

A. Place—This needs to be an actual site of space such as Wing Luke Museum, NW African American Museum, Duwamish Longhouse, El Centro De La Raza. A non-example could include a current place you consider to be a space that restricts freedom(e.g. a detention center, a certain school, etc.)

B. Media—This can be a video, art piece, film, TV series, song, etc., that you believe discusses freedom or is an example of education for freedom.

C. Relationships/Communities—This needs to focus on a personal relationship you have with a person or communities that is one of freedom or you believe is an example of a personal relationship where the focus is based on mutual freedom and developing a critical consciousness. This can be a relationship with a primary caregiver, a loved one, a teacher or teachers, an ancestor(s), or even a site that you feel makes you feel free.

Guiding prompts, how does this tie back into the class theory and course curriculum

Refer back to course readings, discussion, course writings, and even your own podcast!

For each of your sites(place, media, relationships) please answer the following—

Give a description of the said site, please include video, picture, etc., some visual representation with your description.
How is this an example or non-example of education for freedom?
What course content does this site/example specifically connect with?
How does this example clarify your definition of freedom?


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