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Twentieth Century Concert Dance Assignment | Online Assignment

Select ONE of the two prompts offered and write at least three paragraphs in response to the prompt. Refer to film viewings, readings, lectures and prior weeks learnings.Learning Outcome A: Refer to Dixon-Gottschild and McCarthy Brown prior readings and consider the role of the ballerina in American culture. What color is she allowed to be, how sexually liberated, or repressed? Is she on object or a person with agency? Why are there no female ballet choreographers? Why, in a field over 400 years old, is Misty Copeland slated as the first black ballerina as of 2013? What are the gender and racial politics at play and how do they connect to your prior knowledge of the genre of classical ballet? Is it possible for ballet to be democratic or is it still based on hidden monarchy? Who and what fuels this ‘monarchy’ in American culture?Learning Outcome B:How did the American Modern Dance Artists of this generation negotiate identity in their work? As Black, Queer, Latinx, and Jewish American men and women, how did they use the new conventions of modern dance to redefine themselves and tell new stories about American bodies? Was theirs a message of universalism or personal and cultural uniqueness? How did the social movements arising in the 1960’s influence their work? What dances from this period are emblematic of the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement, Anti-War protest? Would these artists align themselves with American social protest movements? Why or why not?


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