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Communication systems and Internet Technology Threats to Privacy Assignment | Essay Help Services

For this assignment, write a report on the topic of Communication systems and Internet Technology Threats to Privacy (ITTP). Please include the following information into your report:

Discuss the legal issues related to computer and Internet technology networks
Identify three of the social and ethical issues related to electronic technology systems.
Describe the flowchart analysis of Internet threats to privacy.
Your report should be 10 – 15 pages. Use Microsoft Word to write your paper. Cite your sources using the APA style guide. Discuss you analysis of your research and be sure to provide your conclusions. Your report should incorporate a minimum of two credible sources. Include a flowchart analysis of the system. It is expected that your writing will be clear and concise and free of spelling and grammar errors.


Use the format below to write your report.

Cover Page
Abstract: A brief description of the topic. The abstract should not exceed four or five sentences.
Introduction: In your own words, motivate the topic and give a concise summary of the theory involved, including any mathematical detail relevant to later discussion in the report.
Body: Discuss the topic and points drawn from the articles read.
Conclusion: This section should reflect your understanding of the topic. Important points to include are a brief discussion of all final conclusions reported by the author(s) on that topic. Future applications discussed by the author(s) or ones that you see feasible.
References: Please cite any material used in the preparation of your report.
Include the following information on your cover page:


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