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Personal Reflection Assignment | Get Paper Help

In addition to the recommendation paper and video, you are required to submit a 250-word individual reflection, also due in Week 12.

This is an analysis of the work breakdown within your group.  Each student will submit an individual personal reflection.  This is a simple reflective summary and should keep a record of tasks performed by group members.  It also requires you to reflect on the analysis process and your engagement with work undertaken in class during the semester as it relates to this assessment.  You should include a minimum of two academic references.

The reflection components are:

PART 1.       Reflect on your role in the group/work breakdown

PART 2.       Reflect on how you found the production and recommendation process

PART 3.       Reflect on how you engaged with class work – on lectures, tutorial, research, activities, text,  additional resources to develop the recommendation paper/video

PART4.       Include two academic references to support your reflection (eg parts two and three)

Remember we are looking for superb written expression.


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