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Remittances Impact on Philippines Economics Assignment | Online Assignment

Paper will explore the remittance impact on the household consumption, investment and education.
would be mostly on economic impact of international migration on sending country. Then, you have to start (section one) with some theoretical considerations from migration studies – see for instance:

De Haas, H. (2010). Migration and development: A theoretical perspective 1. International migration review, 44(1), 227-264.
De Haas, H. (2005). International migration, remittances and development: myths and facts. Third World Quarterly, 26(8), 1269-1284.
Glytsos, N. P. (2005). Determinants and effects of migrant remittances. International migration: Trends, policy and economic impact, 253.
Chami, R., Barajas, A., Cosimano, T., Fullenkamp, C., Gapen, M., & Montiel, P. (2008). Macroeconomic consequences of remittances (p. 259). Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund.
Rapoport, H., & Docquier, F. (2006). The economics of migrants’ remittances. Handbook of the economics of giving, altruism and reciprocity, 2, 1135-1198.


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