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Aptitudes and Abilities Reflection Assignment | Online Assignment

Due Jul 22 by 1:59am Points 150
As you begin your academic journey at DeVry, it is important to recognize your strengths and areas for improvement both to maximize your success in your courses and better prepare yourself for your future career. The assignment due this week will involve identifying your current aptitudes, selecting two you wish to improve, and developing a personal improvement plan.

Your completed assignment will be a critical reflection paper based on the 5C Approach for Decision Making introduced in Chapter 1 of the textbook and explored in the Week 1 Discussion forum.
To begin your assignment, please refer to the Chapter 3 Activity 1: What Are Your Aptitudes? Read through the aptitudes, definitions, and examples in the chart and complete the following questions adapted from the textbook.
Write a paragraph about two experiences in your life that you particularly enjoyed.
Reread your descriptions of each experience and decide which of the aptitudes shown in the chart named Activity 1: What Are Your Aptitudes? in Chapter 1 best represents each experience.
Complete a three-column chart of your own. List the aptitudes you identified in question 2 in the first column. In the second column, list the interests and experiences you have had that support your choice of aptitudes. In the third column, list the aptitudes you’d like to develop or improve.
Use the 5C process to identify how your aptitudes and abilities can guide your decisions about coursework and college experiences that will ultimately prepare you for your career.
First, state one of your aptitudes or abilities you wish to improve as a challenge that requires a choice. For instance, the statement shared in the text is “I want to perform before an audience.” This relates to Artistic Talent. Perhaps you want to improve your verbal communication or numerical skills.
Next, identify your choices—the courses, activities, or resources at DeVry that might provide you with that experience. For Artistic Talent, this might include joining the campus choir, volunteering at a school, auditioning for a play, or taking a class in dance. Your interests, aptitudes, and abilities naturally affect the choices you make, so tap into campus resources to identify choices to support the development of your chosen aptitudes.
What are the consequences of each option? That is, if you implement that option, what would be the benefits of it?
Which option would you choose?
How might you check the outcome of your choice?
Repeat this process for two of the aptitudes or abilities you wish to develop.
Download the Microsoft Word APA Template provided in the assignment module and write your responses to the above in the template.
Your final paper should include at least one fully developed paragraph for each section of the template, including the introduction and conclusion.
Once you have completed your paper, submit it in the Week 2 Assignment Module.
Please refer to the grading rubric below to understand how this assignment will be graded.
Grading Rubric
Graded Item



Reflecting on Aptitudes and Abilities

Completed assignment is a well-developed critical reflection. It includes a discussion of each of the 5 C’s questions related to aptitudes and abilities responses to the 5 C’s questions reflect completion and evaluation of responses to the time management assessment; responses to each section are at least one full paragraph and demonstrate critical thinking.

Successful responses will address all aspects of the prompt, be well organized, and include detailed examples and references to course materials to support reflection.


Writing, Mechanics, and Grammar

Paragraphs are focused and flow from idea to idea. The completed assignment is not a collection of random thoughts.

Writing is clear. Student has elaborated on the insights gained and used examples to provide further clarity.

Writing is correct. Any errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar do not interfere with meaning


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