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Behavioral Finance: Article Review Presentation Assignment | Online Assignment

Standing the Behaviour Finance view presentation of a research article: Anchoring on Credit Spreads (focus on anchoring!!!

15-20 slides, plus the explanation notes

The presentation of a research article should be at least including:
• Introduction—summarise what you are going to say and explain the rationale of the article
• Background (Literature Review)—introduce necessary terms (illustrate complex ones with examples); state the hypotheses and theoretical arguments
• Methodology—briefly describe the main methodology
• Data—a brief summary of the data utilized by the study
• Main results—identify the main results and conclusions. Incorporate subsequent research findings – confirming or contradicting the review paper
• Conclusions—summarise what you have said; point out any limitations of the study; make any recommendations for future work (these limitations and/or recommendations are not necessarily stated explicitly in the article). What do we learn from the paper? What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the paper?


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