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The role and influence of some strong female characters in the game of thrones(ex.from teen queen Daenerys, scheming Queen Cersei, child avenger Arya, knight Brienne, Red Witch Melisandre, and many more)These are the only restrictions:
1) The media or fandom you choose must be in English
2) There must be relevant academic research about your chosen topic/text that you can
draw upon
3) If you are working with a serialized text (i.e. a television show with multiple seasons, a
book series with many parts), you must limit the scope of your investigation. That is, you
cannot deal with all ten seasons of Friends or all the books in A Song of Ice and Fire.
Similarly, if you are interested in writing a paper about a large fandom (like Marvel
comics and/or films), you will also need to set boundaries around what specific
elements of that fandom you are focusing on.
We will be completing this capstone research project in several stages. The first will be the
submission of a proposal and bibliography. The aims of this portion of the assignment are as
1) To encourage students to develop realistic and scalable research questions and projects
pursuant to their specific interests in this course
2) To get students started on researching their chosen topic/question
3) To continue to aid students in thinking of themselves as researchers and taking an active
role in making decisions about how to undertake this work
Structure: Students will complete a short proposal (450-500 words). This will include:
• A discussion/rationale for your topic choice (explaining what specific aspects of your
chosen media you feel warrant investigation/research)
• A specific research question you are aiming to answer
• A description of what type of project you are completing (a paper or creative project)
and an explanation of why your project is best suited to that type of research expression
• A plan outlining the specific steps you will take as a researcher to successfully answer
this question
The assignment should also include a bibliography of at least four sources relevant to your
• At least three of those sources should be secondary, academic/scholarly works (found in
either peer-reviewed journals or academic manuscripts)
• A maximum of one of the sources you use can come from work we have read in class


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