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Caribana Analysis Report Assignment | Get Paper Help

Attend an official event for Caribana, held Thursday August 2nd to Monday August 6th.

You may attend the Grand Parade, King and Queen Parade or Pan Alive. I recommend the (free) Grande Parade, but the other two options are provided to allow you more flexibility for planning your schedule

The Grand Parade (Aug 3rd) is free if you attend along Lakeshore Blvd (https://www.caribanatoronto.com/event/caribanaparade). Starts 9am.

The King and Queen Competition (August 1) is $25+, 7pm Allan Lamport Stadium. (https://www.caribanatoronto.com/event/kingandqueenshow)

Pan Alive (August 2) is $20-25, 7pm Allan Lamport Stadium. (https://www.caribanatoronto.com/event/panalive)

You will need to attend and take a selfie, and write an analysis.

Take 2 photographs at the event–one selfie, and one standard photo of the event itself.

Explain how your photos can be understood in terms of THREE of the following:

Sontag (the role of the photograph and photographer),
Benjamin (Mechanical Reproduction),
McLuhan (Medium is Message AND/OR Juxtaposition),
Anderson (Imagined Communities),
Althusser (Ideology),
Aziz (discussion of the Selfie)
Scopic Regimes.
A good answer will perform form/function (visual analysis) of the photos and demonstrate a clear understanding of the readings. You can choose 3 readings that build on each other to form an answer, or give the ways in which the understandings would disagree.

Your report should be independently written, 2 pages double spaced in length and cited properly.



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