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Social Justice Issues Assignment | College Homework Help

Create a project that examines a social justice issue which could benefit from a live theatre event. Discuss the cultural and historical context of your chosen issue. Cite supporting evidence. Be sure to discuss why this subject is important to you and to our current culture. What impact do you want this piece to have? And for whom? Meaning, ideally who do you want in the room to see your piece?

Then discuss your chosen methodology whereby you would create a play text. Refer to the methodologies examined among the 6 plays of the course, citing when appropriate, and/or devise your own methodology of creation.Be sure your methodology follows the following steps: building a team of collaborators (who do you want to create with?), subject research (how and where will you gather all the information you need to fully understand your subject and to make a play?), generating material for the play (how will you create text/raw materials for the play?), synthesizing and refining the final text for the play, where, when and for whom the play should be performed for maximum social impact


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