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Professional Gamer Assignment | Online Assignment

Scenario: You receive a call from a client who is on his way to becoming a professional gamer. His current gaming computer will not be able to handle the demands needed to participate in his next gaming tournament. He wants you to build from scratch a high-end gaming PC with a motherboard that has overclocking controls, M.2 slots, LED backlighting, excellent memory performance, low operating temperatures, fast processing speeds, Wi-Fi, high-performance Ethernet, PCIe, SATA, and dual graphics card capability.
Using the Internet, investigate various gaming motherboards, and present your findings in a minimum one-page paper:
Introduce the term motherboard, and discuss why this hardware component is integral to the overall operation of a computer in your paper’s introduction.
Explain how gaming motherboards differ from standard motherboards. Use examples to illustrate the differences.
Discuss what is meant by “frame rates” and why this is important to gamers.
Discuss why graphics performance is important to gamers.
Provide a table or matrix that compares at least three different gaming motherboards. Your comparison should include items like make and model, processor, graphics, audio, hard drive, memory, connectivity, cost, and any other comparison information.
After investigating various motherboards, choose one of these motherboards for your client, and explain why you made that choice.
Submit your MS Word paper for grading. Be sure to cite your sources. You should have at least one scholarly source from the CSU Online Library. Page count does not include title or references pages. Use APA formatting


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