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Significant Event or Person Assignment | Online Assignment

The paper should be no shorter than 5 pages long.Write a report on either a significant event or person that contributed greatly to the broadcasting industry.

(DO NOT do a report on rappers and other musicians that just breaking into the business and that have NO significance to the contribution of the broadcast and film industries and Mass Medical

This can be a person who was or is a performer or someone behind the scenes who you personally feel helped to shape and influence radio, television or film

– OR –

Document an event that helped to stimulate improvements or create awareness in radio or television. This event is something you feel was worthy of changing the broadcasting industry for the better. NOTE: You should think carefully about who in particular, or what event to use. It REALLY needs to be a person or event that was, or is currently significant in making the broadcast media better in technology or in presentation of performance. If you are not sure, contact me for clarification in determining if your person or event falls into this category properly.

This essay should be at least 5(full pages)or more in length (No Exceptions), double-spaced and typed. Cover page is not included as one of the 5 pages. (DO NOT hand in anything less than 5 pages. NO EXCEPTIONS!) Also Do Not use the textbook as a source or reference




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