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Project Management: Project Evaluation Assignment | Online Assignment

Project evaluation class. Choosing the appropriate tools to evaluate the performance of your project can be a difficult task. You must weigh what you as the PM feel are important metrics with the requirements and desires of your stakeholders as well as the needs of your industry and organization. These industry and organizational evaluation criteria are often overlooked, but can sometimes be most critical. ***For this discussion , Discuss how industry and organizational (the company/group that is executing the project) factors will affect how you choose and employ evaluation tools in the project that you have been using. **I will provide the project information that I was using. It’s is an ongoing construction project in boston called “the hub on causeway”. the project includes three phases, only focuses on phase one. the project can also be easily found on the website **I will also provide some sample for you to understand more about the work, however the sample I provided are talking about other project, not same as mine do not use or paraphrase any sentences and no need to write similar to the sample. **use from first person point of view like I think, I believe….. **express your own thought and give idea


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