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Learning Theory Application Assignment | Get Paper Help

You will write a scholarly paper based on best instructional practices. Frame your paper focused on middle school science to generate ideas for application as you write your 5 to 7-page paper. Write from the middle school science perspective and examples should be based on best practices for that age group. Within this paper you will address the following areas (please remember to stay focused on your chosen context):
• Describe your context (e.g., grade/subject taught, description of the student population)
o How learning occurs
• Explain how learning occurs in the context you described
• Include a concise description that addresses the relevance of the learning theories discussed in this course to your beliefs about effective learning for your context. Based on the tenants of their theories, identify those theorists that best align with your beliefs about learning and explain the alignment(s).
• Best practices for achieving the learning process in the context you described.
o Address:
• Teaching and learning strategies
• Cognitive science
• Include other ideas as relevant
• Individual needs of students and families.
o Identify and illustrate three examples from your practice where student and family backgrounds have enhanced or challenged your beliefs about how learning occurs (If you need clarity for this portion, please feel free to send me a message).
Throughout your paper, please use examples from your teaching context as well as citations from your course readings and research. You must include at least three scholarly sources cited in-text and included as part of a reference list according to APA formatting guidelines (use direct quotes sparingly in order to prevent plagiarism). Also, please refer to the rubric below to maximize the most points possible to pass this course.

Final Assignment: Learning Theory Application
Teaching Context Described 15 points • The teaching context is described with attention towards grade/content, student population features, and relevant school/district statistics
• Analysis of particular aspects of the student population is provided that foreshadows the choices made later in the paper
Analyzes and Explains Learning Theory 25 points
• Describes how learning occurs at a developmentally appropriate level.
• Analyzes how learning theories are aligned to the candidate’s beliefs about learning practices
• Multiple trends in the research on learning theories are identified
• Develops explicit connections to classroom practice through rich examples
Evaluates and Recommends Supports Related to Best Practices 25 points
• Recommendations for best practices are provided specific to context of focus that demonstrates teacher commitment.
• Linkages to learning theories described in previous section are evident
• Ideas reflect understanding of learner differences, addressing learner strengths and needs
Incorporates Student/Family Learning Examples 20 points
• Examples of student/family learning needs are incorporated
• Connections are made between the examples shared and the learning theories that frame the paper
• Reflective analysis of the linkages between examples and theories is provided that evidences impact on candidate learning beliefs
Analyzes Cognitive Processes and Student Learning 20 points
• Analysis demonstrates conceptual and practical recognition of cognitive processes that support student learning
• Linkages between learning beliefs and research-based cognitive processes are evident
• Analysis results in identification and selection of best practices for student learning
Academic Writing and Mechanical Errors 10 points
Assignment is well written and well organized. Mechanics (spelling, and punctuation) and grammar are excellent.
APA 6 points Assignment demonstrates appropriate cited sources and references for those sources in proper APA style.
Timeliness 4 points Assignment is submitted on time.

The following is the main source that should be used for this assignment (Chapters 1-10):

Please feel free to use any additional references that support claims in alignment to assignment (any scholarly journals or books that deal with teaching middle school science would be ideal in regard to best practices, learning theories, and cognitive process to student learning.


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