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Choose 4 lines or 4 stanzas of any poem. It can even be a poem you have written yourself. The stanzas or lines do not have to be consecutive lines in your poem. You may skip around and choose lines that are meaningful to you.

Type each stanza separately. Below each stanza write a 150-word paragraph not including poetry. In your paragraphs you will pretend to set the poetry to music. You will be the composer! Imagine how you would want each stanza to sound, then describe it

Each stanza (line) of poetry must be set in the style of a different era:

1st stanza in the Baroque style,

2nd stanza in the Classical style,

3rd stanza in the Romantic style, and the

4th stanza in the Modern style.

In other words, describe music which uses characteristics of Baroque style in your first stanza, characteristics of Classical style for your second stanza, etc. For example: your Romantic stanza should have big contrasts, whereas your Baroque stanza will have a consistent mood.

You must use stylistic elements of each period of music. Make certain to use the correct musical instruments as well as the correct points of style for each era. Your paragraphs will show how musical instruments and musical style change from one era to another. Your modern stanza might use electronic sounds, whereas strings may dominate your Classical stanza. Specifics – In each paragraph: Tell what instruments you use (violin, trumpet, piano, synthesizer, etc.). Describe all the elements in your own words.

Tell what instruments you use (violin, trumpet, piano, synthesizer, etc.). Describe all the elements in your own words.

* melody (smooth, forceful, wide range, march-like, etc.)

* rhythm (simple, complex, repetitive, long notes, short notes, accented, dance-like, etc.)

* the same with range, tempo, dynamics, texture, harmony and mood

Change the elements to suit the meaning of the words. Most lines of poetry can be set with two or more melodic phrases. Identify important words and describe how you will emphasize them (make the notes higher or lower / louder or softer / longer or shorter). Describe the background accompaniment as well as the melody. You may want to add an instrumental countermelody to your solo voice to stress an important word. If you use a singer, describe what kind (male or female / high or low / light or heavy / bright or dark / smooth or forceful, etc.). You may use a different singer for each line if you chose. You may use a choir, or you don’t have to use singers at all.

NOTE: The modern stanza is not rock & roll, jazz or any genre of popular music.




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