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How Important are Political Institutions to Economic Growth? A study examining the impact of Political institutions in UK Assignment | Essay Help Services

Note that I have prepared an outline, attached here in based on the following items:
– Dietsche, E (2018) “Political Economy and Governance” in Addison, T and Roe, A (eds) Extractive Industries, Oxford University Press
– Fukuyama, F. (2004) State-building: Governance and world order in the 21st century Cornell University Press (chapter 1)
– World Bank (2017) World Development Report 2017: Governance and the Law (Overview chapter) http://www.worldbank.org/en/publication/wdr2017
the professor replied with the following:
It seems a very extensive outline and there are certainly lots of points in your outline that would be relevant to this topic.
Given the detail you have provided does this mean that you have already carried out the research for the essay and that you have an overall argument regarding both the general question and the UK case? If so perhaps you could send me a short summary of the argument? While it is important to see the structure of the paper it is also very helpful to have some sense of the overall argument. I think this would be a useful exercise for you not least because such a summary of the argument would be worth including in the introduction to the essay.
Also would it be possible to send me a list of the sources you have used or are planning to use?

can you please create a one page summary or so for the argument, and a separate references page; this should include the three items I have provided to you and 5 to 6 essays that would be relevant too.

so total of 6-8 other than the three I have mentioned.

please note that this summary will be used afterward in the essay itself. S

also note that the essay will be a 4000 words essay only.



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