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Defining A Research Problem and Purpose Assignment | Online Assignment


Using the resources and readings provided for this week, your assignment is to define your research problem and purpose.

Your task this week is to take the two topics that you submitted in Week 1 to create possible problem and purpose statements for each topic, use scholarly sources on research methods to help develop these components.

For each topic, be sure to address the following:

Provide a brief problem statement with support by at least 3 scholarly resources published in the last 3 years to ensure relevancy. Remember that the problem statement should start with the phrase “The problem is …” The complete problem statement should be 1 paragraph.
State the purpose of the research effort. Make sure the purpose is aligned with the problem and connects to a possible solution for the problem. Remember that the purpose statement should start with the phrase “The purpose is …” The complete purpose statement should be 1 paragraph.

Submission Instructions

File Type: Document

Length: 1 page for each topic, 2 pages total


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