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Arousal Theory Assignment | Online Homework Help

Find two movies (not documentaries but mainstream full-length productions) or two novels (again these need to be fiction) or one movie and one novel that relate the same topic as your research paper.
Summarize your topic in a short paragraph description, remembering to include your APA citation.
In a second paragraph summarize what you learned from your research paper on the topic.
In two subsequent paragraphs describe the movies (or novels) briefly.
Then compare the information in the movies with the textbook and the scholarly article you have read. Do they illustrate the topic soundly and scientifically? Use two paragraphs or more to do this.
Compare the two and discuss in which one does a better job at presenting the information and why.
Your paper should be a minimum of 3 pages in length and include APA citations for your empirical research article and the two fictional works you chose to discuss.
Work with your summary and the main points of the article. You must close the article while you are doing this so you can be sure you are not plagiarizing (changing a couple words or switching phrases around still constitutes plagiarism).
Write down a 3 paragraph description of the article including why the authors performed this study, what tools and participants they used, and what they found.
Compare the information you read to the topic information found in your textbook along the lines of whether this is the same information, or different. Did the article extend on the stuff that is found in your text? Does it contradict it in some way? Can you reconcile the two? Are there any questions that are still left unanswered? What further research would you do if you were the author of the article? What other questions would you like answers to?
Create APA citations for your article and the pages you referred to in your textbook. To review how to do APA citations, please refer to the resources below.


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