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The Key to Storytelling Assignment | Online Assignment

Incorporate the feedback you have been given as you compile all of the sections of your researched argument paper in this order:
References/bibliography (no annotations)
The paper will be a minimum of 3200 words, not including references. It should have a minimum of 9 authoritative and pertinent sources, including statistics, books, and scholarly journal articles. This can be your 8 sources from the annotated bibliography assignments and your personal interview. You may use dictionaries or encyclopedias (sparingly) and the Bible, but they do not count toward the 9 sources. You may not use Wikipedia, about.com, wikihow, sparcnotes, etc. or personal blogs without prior permission from the instructor.
As you compile your paper, attend to transitions between sections, since you have written them separately.
You will be graded on: Explanation of issues, Exploration of context and assumptions, Your position, Conclusion and related outcomes, Composing, Sources and evidence, Syntax and mechanics, and Revision.


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