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Sustainable Engineering Assignment | Get Homework Help

SELECT 1 of the following 2 reading options:A) Resilience and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure: Toward a Unified Approach by Bocchini et al. 2014. Read pages 1-8. [Select this if you feel comfortable with the general idea of sustainability] OR B) Read portions of the Royal Academy of Engineering report “Engineering for Sustainable Development: Guiding Principles”; specifically, Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 – 12 principles = document pgs. 7-10 and 25-31 (pg numbers in lower right or left corner).For all students:a) Define sustainable engineering, in your own words; b) Identify the reading you selected and WHY (1 sentence)The second part of your response will vary based on the reading you selected:Reading A part c) Compare / contrast resiliency with sustainability in the context of civil engineering infrastructure OR Reading B part c) From among the 12 principles of engineering for sustainable development that are presented, select THREE that you find the most compelling. For each of the three discuss why you picked it and how it is relevant in a civil engineering context. (just a couple of sentences for each, since your total write-up is still targeted to be under 500 words!)


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