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Analytical Assignment | College Homework Help

Write an analytical paper (10 Pages) on tipping in the airlines industry.

Should flight attendants be dependent on customers for income? As of January 2019, flight attendants on Frontier Airlines earn individual tips during cabin service. However, United Airlines and American Airlines don’t allow tipping, and Southwest discourages it.1 In addition, many airlines, including United, American, and Delta, allow flight attendants to supplement their income by voluntarily solicit applications for credit cards that earn frequent flirt miles; flight attendants earn a commission for each successful application.

Your task in this paper is to explore the economics of tipping flight attendants and then weigh in supporting or opposing the practice.

You may wish to consider:
1) Economic models explaining or predicting tipping’s effects on employee performance, airline labor markets, wages and other compensation/ perks, customer satisfaction, and flight attendant interactions with customers and each other.
2) Why have some airlines introduced the option for passengers to tip flight attendants for service?
3) How might airlines take tipping into consideration in wage and compensation levels?
4) Why do some flight attendants oppose the practice of tipping?
5) What are the consequences of implementing tipping, and who stands to gain or lose as a result?
6) How is tipping in this setting different or similar from professions, from an economic perspective?

IMPORTANT: You should NOT make the customer’s motivation for tipping your primary focus, even though the economics literature on this perspective is robust.

You should make sure the paper includes ALL the following points:

⦁ Include a thesis statement clearly stating your research question and economic methods in your introduction.
⦁ Based your analysis on a well-developed economic model. Use both economic analysis and evidence to support your argument. Arrive at your conclusions using economic evidence, modeling, and argument. State the underlying considerations and assumptions you make.
⦁ Draw on scholarly articles and economic models and concepts for the backbone of your paper.
⦁ Incorporate a literature review into your paper (~1/3 of the total); make sure that it supports your argument and the framework of your thesis.
You should use 20 sources using APA citation style. Remember to draw on scholarly articles and economic models. You’d better data to support your analysis.

I also uploaded a APA_Requirement.pdf and you must refer to it and use 100% correct in-text citation and References Page. Failure to use the correct citations will fail me in the essay since my professor was extremely picky.

Remember to include the following:

⦁ A title page, and in the title page, you should write an abstract.

⦁ Table of content (page number should count from the first page of the body)

⦁ APA reference page.


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