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Changing Behavior Through Stimuli Assignment | Custom Essay Services

1. BMP Part 2 – Baseline phase report

To assess your baseline as you begin the experiment, you need to observe your target behavior before you ever treat it. Thus you will conduct a functional analysis of your target behavior as it naturally occurs. The baseline observation of your target behavior should be done for at least one week. You will submit the 1–2-page Baseline Phase Report, which will consist of a description of the following five parts with Level One headings, and a graph appropriately labeled (see chapter 3 of your textbook). This writing of the reports for Behavior Modification should be clear, measurable and concise. Write in complete sentences, but do not use “fluff”.

Target Behavior: A clear and measurable behavioral definition of your target behavior (use examples if needed to clarify) should be stated. Include the necessary research and citations from the lit review section of the research paper.
Experiment Narrative: Clarify the logistics, setting, and process of your experiment’s baseline observation phase (natural or analogue setting, structured or unstructured observation, recording method and instrument, etc.). Include the details of the observational period by documenting the dates (and times if relevant) of your baseline phase. [Description and on the x axis of the graph].
Dimension(s): Outline the results in terms of the logical dimension(s) – Frequency – Intensity – Duration – Latency – that were observed and recorded during the baseline are clearly and consistently stated and shown. [Description and on the y axis of the graph]
Target Behavior Observations: Clearly and completely, but concisely, summarize your observations of the target behavior during the baseline phase. The discussion will include descriptions should be made of triggers (settings/stress/work/conflict) that bring on the target behavior, and stimuli that support it. [Description]


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