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Individual Assignment Brief – Essay: Analysis of ethical Leadership Assignment | Online Assignment

Drawing on the four dimensions of the ethical leadership model (purpose, moral person, moral manager, and meaningful relationships) introduced in Reading 1.2 (Lasthuizen, 2018, pp. 22-38), discuss the ethical leadership practices and approach adopted by either one of the following two business leaders:

Ms Samantha Jones, Founder, Little Yellow Bird
• Little Yellow Bird: From the military to making ethically-produced clothes. (2019, May 18). The Spinoff. Retrieved from https://thespinoff.co.nz/business/18-05- 2019/little-yellow-bird-from-the-military-to-making-ethically-produced-clothes/
• Little Yellow Bird is NZ’s first local, ethical fashion brand. (2019, May 29). Scoop. Retrieved from https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/BU1905/S00848/little-yellow-bird-is- nzs-first-local-ethical-fashion-brand.htm
• Winter, C. (2017, May 1). Clothing can be ethical or it can be cheap, but not both: Little Yellow Bird. Stuff. Retrieved from https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/91803501/little-yellow-bird-allows-customers-to- track-garments-right-back-to-cotton-fields

Mr Mike Bennetts, CEO, Z Energy
• Bennetts, M. (2019, February 7). How to start a climate change movement – tips from a fossil fuel CEO. Stuff. Retrieved from https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/opinion- analysis/110402311/how-to-start-a-climate-change-movement
• Bennetts, M. (2018, November 22). The petrol company that says it wants to change the world. The Spinoff. Retrieved from https://thespinoff.co.nz/partner/nzi-sbn- awards/22-11-2018/the-petrol-company-that-says-it-wants-to-save-the-world/
• Grieve, D. (2017, August 17). An interview with the climate change-obsessed CEO of NZ’s biggest petrol company. The Spinoff. Retrieved from https://thespinoff.co.nz/science/climate-change-week/17-08-2017/an-interview-with- the-climate-change-obsessed-ceo-of-nzs-biggest-petrol-company/

You will need to support and illustrate your analysis using evidence and/or rationales from one or more of the news articles provided and/or other relevant publicly-available information on the business leader and organisation you select.

In addition, you are expected to support your analysis with evidence from academic sources (at least three refereed journal articles – see the course reading list).

Other points to note:

• Your essay will need an introduction and a conclusion.
• You need to cite all your sources using the APA referencing style.
• Please refer to the section below headed “Assessment Criteria” for the criteria against which your assignment will be assessed.
• The ability to write in an economical style is a valuable skill and word limits should be strictly adhered to. Assignments outside the +/- 10% range will be penalised. The word limit is inclusive of tables, figures and appendices, but exclusive of the list of references.

Learning objectives

This assignment assesses all four Course Learning Objectives in MGMT 250:

  1. Explain the meaning and importance of ethical leadership for business organisations.
  2. Apply ethical theories to the practices of organisational leadership.
  3. Recognise and evaluate the role of ethics in organisational decision-making.
  4. Analyse and evaluate the actions of leaders within organisations, from an ethical point of view.

Assessment Criteria

Your assignment should demonstrate an understanding of the concept and practice of ethical leadership by:
a. identifying and discussing aspects of ethical leadership
b. applying and discussing the four dimensions of the ethical leadership model: purpose, moral person, moral manager, and meaningful relationships (Reading 1.2, Module 1)
c. discussing the ethical performance of the organisation (Module 5) and the wider implications for all stakeholders (Module 6) of the decisions made.

Writing and presentation – the extent to which your:
• essay is clearly and logically structured
• writing is succinct and well-developed



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