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Human Resource Planning Assignment | Get Paper Help

Using information from Statistics Canada and at least two other sources, identify trends in employment and occupational demands for the following positions in Western Canada and Eastern Canada: electricians, nurses, accountants.  What trends do you see? What are the implications for students graduating from high school this year?  What are the trends for employers?

Your assignment should be approximately 300 – 450 words long, plus your reference list.

MARKING RUBRIC (marked out of 30; marks you will earn towards your course total mark = 15 marks)

Writing should be in a style suitable for an academic or work environment.  Marks will be deducted for spelling and grammar errors.  All answers should be complete, concise and clear.  Resources must be cited correctly using APA format.

QuestionMarkYour mark
What are the trends in employment?4
What are the demands for each position?5
What are the implications for high school graduates?5
What are the implications for employers5
Selection and correct citation of three sources.6
Clear, coherent and correct writing.5

Assignment must be submitted electronically through Blackboard, and submitted as a Word document. The Assignment must be done in Microsoft Word. Submission not in Microsoft Word or submitted as a PDF will be returned and marks will be deducted.



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