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Coding Professional Assignment | Get Homework Help

Step 1
Conduct research on coding professionals.
AHIMA Career and Student Center
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)

Step 2
Write a research paper.
In your paper, address the following:
Describe the differences between AHIMA
(Links to an external site.)
and AAPC
(Links to an external site.)What are the missions of each organization? Describe the various coding credentials sponsored by each organization.
2.State the types of companies and industries that hire coding professionals.
3.What are some of the most popular places of employment for coding professionals?
4.What are the credentials requested of coding professionals?
5.How many years of experience do employers request of coding professionals?
6.Where you able to determine the salaries employers are willing to pay coding professionals?
Be sure to write using the APA style and provide citations and a reference list for any so



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