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Casablanca Assignment | Essay Help Services

This week, write at least 3 paragraphs (500 words) analyzing Casablanca, addressing PLOT, FORM, and CULTURE.
PLOT: The classic Hollywood plot opens with an equilibrium, then there is disruption of that equilibrium, and at the end of the film there is a new equilibrium. You might notice there are 2 plots at work in Casablanca: the romantic plot and the war plot. Identify the e/d/e in both plots and explain how the 2 plots work together.
FORM: This week you will add camera movement and lighting to your formal analysis. Don’t forget to talk about composition, shot type, and camera angles too. Choose ONE scene and go into depth about how the shot composition, shot type, camera movement and lighting create the mood or express the emotion of the scene. One good choice might be the scene where Ilsa shows up to find Rick brooding in his bar — or your favorite scene. Refer back to chapter 3 in the textbook and toolbox for film analysis for a refresher.
CULTURE: Discuss how Casablanca both reflected and shaped attitudes about the role of the United States in WWII. Which character or characters represent the United States? Who represents the European allies? Who represents the enemy powers? What does the transformation of the main character, Rick, suggest about the nature of heroism and the role the US should play in WWII?


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