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Exchange Theory Assignment | Online Assignment

Use the readings to write a 3- to 4-page paper (excluding title page and reference list) that includes the following components:

Describe the major components of Leader-Member Exchange theory
Discuss the criticism, or weaknesses, of Leader-Member Exchange theory
Use the Power (2013) reading to discuss the potential weaknesses of Leader-Member Exchange theory
Reflect on the application of Leader-Member Exchange to your current, or future, educational setting.
Is this theory useful for a leader/manager?
Is this theory useful to organizational success or student success?
Use Clemens, Milsom, and Cashwell (2009) (2016) to focus on the interaction of working relationships and communication with Leader-Member Exchange theory

Chapter 9 (p. 185 – 192) and Chapter 10 (p. 205 – 219) in:
Bolman, L. G., & Deal, T. E. (2013). Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice, and leadership. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Available in the Trident Online Library through ADDITIONAL LIBRARY RESOURCES>Skillsoft Books (BusinessPro and ITPro).

Clemens, E. V., Milsom, A., & Cashwell, C. S. (2009). Using leader-member exchange theory to examine principal-school counselor relationships, school counselors’ roles, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions. Professional School Counseling, 13(2), 75-85.

Power, R. L. (2013). Leader-member exchange theory in higher and distance education. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 14(4).

Sandy J. Wayne. “Leader Member Exchange Theory.” Encyclopedia of Management Theory, edited by Eric Kessler, SAGE Publications Inc., 2013, pp. 429 – 433


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