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Cultural issues, Family Structure, and Resiliency; Approaches to Social work Practice with Families Assignment | Online Assignment

Reading/media: Van Hook Chapter 4 AND Part II Introduction (ONLY pages 153- 164).
Locate the Discussion Questions section at the end of the chapter/s for the assigned reading for this week. and you have to watch the fosters tv shoe season 1 ep 2-3 for question 2
1. Select a total of 2 questions to which you will provide a response incorporating this week’s required materials.
2. Describe how this week’s required materials impacts your thinking about The Fosters family. For example, you might discuss how adversity contributed to the resiliency of one of the characters; or, you might discuss ways in which a therapeutic model would be helpful or perhaps contraindicated for this family.
Bredeweg, B. (Executive Producer). (2013–2018). The Fosters [TV series]. ProdCo Original; Blazing Elm Entertainment; Nuyorican Productions; Freeform Original Productions; Disney–ABC Domestic Television.
Van Hook, M. P. (2019). Social work practice with families: A resiliency-based approach (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press.


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