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Environmental Science: Climate Change Assignment | Online Homework Help

  1. The climate is made when air and water interact. So, between these two, lets evaluate our opinion of climate change. What is Global Warming? Has it happened before? Is the current trend natural or does man really have a role?
  2. Ozone. This is the key marker because it was ozone levels which first alerted people that something was happening. Research what happened in the 1970’s and 1980’s and summarize the facts.
  3. What are greenhouse gasses? Why do they have this name? Identify them and their sources, both anthropogenic (man-made) and natural.
  4. How much is the climate changing? What are the facts? Discuss implications if current trends continue.
  5. What are the actual causes of climate change? Are they reversible? Identify these and investigate how much mankind has played a role. Find specifics. For example, do we get more CO2 from petroleum combustion or animal respiration? What about volcanic eruptions, how many greenhouse gasses are emitted from those? The facts are out there. Find them and draw your own conclusions.
  6. Can mankind really change the rate of climate change? What are the facts? Will ‘doing one’s part’ make a significant difference as compared to, say, any other natural source? I want you to evaluate this outside of the media and political hype. Find facts and really draw your own conclusions. Try to have an open mind and see the facts for what they truly suggest. This topic is a tough one because it’s so politicized that many people draw the conclusions they want, not always what the facts point to.
    Be sure to summarize the various items learned and list your reference


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