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Art and Mental Illness Assignment | Online Assignment

For this assignment you will research the mental health of either Frida Kahlo or Vincent Van Gogh.

Frida self portraitVincent self portrait

Both of these artists created many self-portraits. Your job is to determine whether we can see signs of mental illness within her or his self-portrait. Write a 500 word essay in which you analyze the research on her or his mental illness and answer the following:

Is it possible to diagnosis someone who is no longer living? How?
Select one or more self-portraits of either Kahlo or Van Gogh. Do you believe the portrait reflects how the artist was feeling at the time? Why or why not?
What are the challenges scholars face when considering the mental illness of artists?

-Discussion of at least two written sources that support your ideas.
-Strong argument in which the students explains the validity of diagnosing a dead artist. Discussion of the challenges faced when considering the mental illness of artists.
-Analysis of one or more self-portraits by the artist that supports student’s argument.
-Identification of sources and images using APA style.


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